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Kung Fu Tea, just a four-minute walk from Allison Hall, is a convenient stop for a quick boba run in between classes. With over 350 locations, Kung Fu Tea is the largest boba chain in the U.S.
Jack Ververis/The Daily Northwestern

Evanston Boba stores showcase variety, competition

Bubble tea, or boba, continues to be a popular beverage choice in Evanston. Since 2019, four boba locations have opened in the city, and two — Brew Coffee Lab and CM Chicken — recently opened their doors on campus. 

Just as distinct as these locations’ drinks are their aesthetics.

“With coffee shops, there’s always this idea that it needs to be really sleek or study-conducive,” Medill freshman Sarah Lin said. “But I feel with shops like Happy Lemon or Tealicious, they really try to make it just fun.”


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