The Daily Northwestern

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Nora Shelly

Print Managing Editors: Yvonne KimCole Paxton and Ben Pope

Digital Managing Editor: Madeleine Fernando

Campus Editor: Maddie Burakoff

City Editor: Ryan Wangman

Sports Editor: Joseph Wilkinson

Opinion Editor: Troy Closson

A&E Editor and Monthly Editor: Jane Recker

Copy Chiefs: Amelia Langas and Ally Mauch

Web Editors: Elizabeth Byrne and Sophie Mann

Photo Editors: Colin Boyle and Katie Pach

Creative Director: Ruiqi Chen

Design Team: Caitlin ChenRuiqi Chen, Colin Lynch and Katie Pach

Video Editor: Hangda Zhang

Audio Editors: Marisa Hattler and Natalie Shilati

Development and Recruitment Editor: Jake Holland

In Focus Editors: Mariana Alfaro and Peter Kotecki