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Northwestern’s Weber Arch stands with a blue sky in the background. Shadows of tall trees and branches frame the arch from left and right.

Northwestern study finds Americans with higher net worth live longer

Rebecca Aizin, Summer Managing Editor July 26, 2021

A Northwestern study found that Americans with a higher net worth at midlife have a higher chance of living longer, according to a Friday news release.  Researchers analyzed data from the Midlife in...

A picture of Fatima’s face against a black background.

NU Prof. Fatima Khan creates online Arabic dictionary

Rebecca Aizin, Summer Managing Editor July 26, 2021

As a non-native speaker, Arabic Prof. Fatima Khan needed a good Arabic dictionary when she was a student. When she couldn’t find any, Khan decided to create one herself in 2015 for other non-native-speaking...

A person wearing light blue pants and silver jewelry is crouching forward with their eyes closed, resting on their right hand and holding purple grapes in their left hand. The setting is dark and the background is mostly blue with a red light to the left of the person.

Puerto Rican Arts Initiative to become joint project between Northwestern and the University of Texas at Austin

Waverly Long, Web Editor July 22, 2021

The Puerto Rican Arts Initiative, started by former Northwestern Prof. Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, will become a joint initiative between NU and the University of Texas at Austin this year.  The initiative...

A beige sign outside of a gray University building with the words “Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.” There are trees and shrubbery between the sign and the building.

Study finds previous cardiovascular health impacts pregnancy complications

Jacob Fulton, Summer Editor July 22, 2021

Cardiovascular health prior to pregnancy has a significant relationship with the likelihood of pregnancy complications, a Northwestern Medicine study found.  Four risk factors — smoking, diabetes,...

A gray and tan walkway with five visible pillars. A purple banner reads: “Welcome Wildcats! Testing Entry Ahead.”

Administrators, experts talk Northwestern’s return to campus efforts in community discussion

Jacob Fulton, Summer Editor July 21, 2021

As Northwestern community members prepare for the fall, the University hosted a Wednesday discussion to update faculty and staff on the current state of plans for the return to in-person instruction.  NU...

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