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Three physicians at a vaccination site. The left one is wearing a green shirt and holding several vaccine needles, the middle one is wearing a black shirt and is also holding a needle. The right one is wearing a green shirt and taking the picture.

Illinois medical professionals address COVID-19 vaccine inequity, withstand infodemic

Angeli Mittal, Assistant City Editor April 15, 2021

As COVID-19 has spread across the nation, the distribution of misinformation has matched its virality. Some experts say the world is facing a second pandemic: an “infodemic.” To reduce the impacts...

A large pink bowl filled with carrots, meat and greens and two cartons of orange juice. A black stick figure carrying a light pink rectangle. A rectangular barrier between the bowl and the stick figure.

ETHS senior Jacob Brodsky tackles food inaccessibility with urban agriculture survey

Katrina Pham, Assistant Copy Editor April 14, 2021

Evanston Township High School senior Jacob Brodsky is surveying residents on the implementation of urban agriculture throughout the city. Brodsky said the survey will inform a proposal he plans to make...

Two Evanston Police Department vehicles parked alongside one another.

Council approves $90,000 settlement in class-action lawsuit against Chief Cook

Alex Harrison, Reporter April 14, 2021

City Council approved a $90,000 settlement Monday to end a class-action lawsuit filed against Evanston Police Department chief Demitrous Cook after he publicly posted multiple residents’ private information...

Una ilustración de una jeringa de vacuna parcialmente llena. Detrás de ella hay un vial, y otros 3 viales intercalados en el fondo. También hay ilustraciones de partículas de CoV-2 del SARS.

La guía de vacunación del Daily: Lo que tienes que saber para poder vacunarse

Angeli Mittal, Nick Francis, and Jacquelyne Germain April 14, 2021

Esta guía fue modificada el 14 de abril. Si tienes más información, envíanos un correo electrónico a [email protected] Aunque la producción de vacunas de COVID-19 se está llevando a...

A person sits against a stone wall, on the other side is a green and yellow gradient on a bank statement, and a red house.

Stimulus checks prove inaccessible for people experiencing homelessness

Katrina Pham, Assistant Copy Editor April 14, 2021

People experiencing homelessness have faced barriers in receiving stimulus checks even though they are eligible, Mary Frances Charlton, a youth health attorney, said. The American Rescue Plan, a $1.9...

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