Maliwan Diemer stands in a front tendu in the center of a brick dance studio at a barre, leading her students in the background of the image in a barre routine.
Maliwan Diemer, 41, watches her level eight class, which mainly has high school seniors, on Tuesday, Nov. 14. In addition to being director of CBA, Diemer teaches ballet to students from ages 10 to 18. She has been on the CBA faculty since 2007 and became director in 2020, when the company moved to its Evanston location.
Chiara Kim/The Daily Northwestern

Photo Gallery: Building a Dance Home with Maliwan Diemer

Maliwan Diemer is the artistic and executive director of Chicago Ballet Arts, a ballet studio located at 915 Foster St. in Evanston. The studio provides classes to students ages 2 and up, and its small size allows for personalized training and a family feel that lasts across time. This inclusive community is brought together by Diemer’s tireless and thoughtful work to make the dance studio into a dance home.

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