Sign that reads “Colectivo Coffee” over a patio.
Located on Church Street, Colectivo Coffee is decorated with handmade tables and custom wall finishes, fit for a retro design.
Grace M. Wu/The Daily Northwestern

Photo Gallery: Alternative study spots in Downtown Evanston

Rather than studying on campus, many Northwestern students head to local coffee shops in downtown Evanston. Offering an assortment of drinks and food, these cafes can add a twist to a typical library study session. Let’s take a walk through some of Evanston’s most popular coffee shops.

People study and work at Colectivo Coffee.
Colectivo Coffee’s tables are always covered with laptops and notes alongside warm cups of coffee and snacks. (Grace M. Wu/The Daily Northwestern)
A person ordering at a cash register.
Customers can order from a variety of breakfast and cafe eats, coffee and baked goods. Colectivo Coffee prides itself on sourcing its coffee from the origin and handcrafting its pastries.
Patisserie Coralie sign on the wall.
Patisserie Coralie is a boutique French bakery and coffee shop on Davis Street.
People work and chat under chandelier lights.
Hanging chandeliers illuminate Patisserie Coralie, decorated with hearts and snowflakes in season for Valentine’s Day and the winter months.
Display of macarons and cakes sold at Patisserie Coralie.
Specializing in traditional French pastries, Patisserie Coralie offers a wide selection of macarons, imported cookies and candies. With both sweet and savory options, they provide custom handcrafted pastries for any special occasion.
Outdoor sign of Newport Coffee House above entrance.
Right down the street is Newport Coffee House, a modern, minimalist coffee shop that aims to spread their passion for roasting as a relatively small brand.
People work at tables in Newport Coffee House.
With tables for four lining the wall, customers can enjoy a cup of coffee as they work or chat with friends.
Sign of Cupitol Coffee and Eatery above entrance.
A little farther south is Cupitol Coffee and Eatery on Grove Street, a more spacious coffee shop and restaurant.
People stand next to a cash register.
Cupitol serves as an all-day lounge with an extensive menu of drinks, pastries and complete meals. (Grace M. Wu/The Daily Northwestern)

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