Best Coffee Shop: Colectivo

February 23, 2023

Stepping into Colectivo feels like walking into a warm embrace from an old friend. Its signature red sign stands out through the gray Evanston winter, inviting students and residents alike to enjoy the unique, homey environment. 

The Evanston location of the chain coffee shop found its home on the corner of Church and Sherman in 2018. The store stays packed from opening at 6:30 a.m. to closing at 7 p.m., a staple for studying, coffee dates and even people-watching.

Each detail of Colectivo feels hand-crafted, from the bright blue to-go cups to the asymmetrical picture frames lining one of the walls. The plant-filled interior is complete with plenty of natural light and wooden table space. Colectivo employees also embody the cozy vibe of the shop itself, offering ordering advice and warm smiles. 

The drink menu lives up to this distinctive character, such as the hand-roasted coffee, trademark teas and signature drinks like the “Windy Ci-Tea.”

Colectivo also offers an all-day breakfast and cafe eats menu, featuring everything from oatmeal to southwestern burritos. If I’m looking for lunch off campus, the hearty and flavorful chicken bacon avocado melt never fails me. The in-house Troubadour Bakery also provides daily baked goods such as almond croissants and cardamom sunshine buns.

With its unique and vibrant vibes, Colectivo remains a staple in my day-to-day life, and I’m glad Evanston agrees with me.

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