A person holds a microphone and dances onstage.
Swae Lee holds a microphone and dances onstage. Lee was the Main Stage headliner of the 52nd annual Dillo Day.
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Captured: Dillo 52 on the Main Stage

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The 52nd annual Dillo Day took place on the Lakefill Saturday. Students became Camp Dillo s’mores-getters under the camp theme, exploring fashionable outfits and spending time with friends. Throughout the day, various performances took place at one of two stages: the Main Stage or the For Members Only Second Stage, better known as the FMO Stage. This story will highlight moments from the Main Stage and its surrounding area.

Student performances were the first to take place at Camp Dillo. Of five student acts, the two on the Main Stage represented the winners of Mayfest Productions’ Battle of the Artists:

DJ Vitamin K

A DJ performs onstage in front of a digital backdrop.

and The Mee-Ow Band, comedy group Mee-Ow’s house band.

Two singers and a guitarist perform onstage.

After KenDu! performed the last student act on the FMO Stage, pop artist Maude Latour performed her set on the Main Stage after The Mee-Ow Band cleared the stage. She released a new song, “Cursed Romantics,” the day before Camp Dillo opened to students and their guests. She released her first debut EP in her sophomore year of college.

A person onstage wearing a light pink dress sings into a microphone in front of a guitarist.

Three people behind a barricade look toward the stage.

A person onstage wearing a light pink while holding a microphone uses their free hand to make half of a heart sign.

LF System was slated to play on the Main Stage next after a performance from Nada! on the FMO Stage. On the walk north from the FMO Stage to the Main Stage, flyers demanding a ceasefire in Gaza could be found on posts. Its creators incorporated elements similar to those Mayfest used in this year’s Dillo Day promotional materials.

People walking toward tents walk past two black posts with flyers demanding a Gaza ceasefire.

LF System, comprising Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan, performed house and EDM hits in front of the Main Stage’s vibrant background after Latour concluded her performance.

Two DJs onstage raise their left arms up while mixing behind a table.

Grammy Award-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco followed, offering the student audience a throwback of popular hits. 

A person wearing a white striped baseball jersey and hat poses onstage while holding a multi-colored microphone.

A crowd behind a concert barricade looks forward in the direction of the performance.

A person wearing a white striped baseball jersey and hat sings into a multi-colored microphone while raising their left arm upward.

Ghanaian American singer-songwriter Amaarae, known offstage as Ama Serwah Genfi, performed after Lupe Fiasco as Dillo’s daytime headliner. With sold-out shows in New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles, Amaarae captured the crowd’s energy as she performed her set.

A person onstage wearing a denim jacket sings into a microphone.

A group of people behind a concert barricade raise their arms toward the stage.

A person behind a microphone stand onstage raises both arms up.

British producer, rapper and singer-songwriter Bakar graced the Main Stage as the last act to precede Swae Lee. Having debuted in 2018, he has over 16.5 million monthly Spotify listeners through music combining elements of various genres.

A person onstage wearing a black jacket sings into a microphone.

As the sun set early into the performance, students near the front of the barricades brought out Palestinian flags. The students, many of whom wore keffiyehs to the festival, displayed a banner that read “All Eyes on Rafah” toward the rest of the audience. Following the swift assembly of the demonstration, Bakar obtained a Palestinian flag, which he kept throughout his performance. 

A group of people behind a concert barricade lift Palestinian flags. Some sit on the shoulders of others and hold up a banner while others on the side film with their cellphones.

A person onstage wearing a black jacket sings into a microphone on a stand with a Palestinian flag wrapped around it.

Swae Lee, part of the Southern hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, made his way to the Main Stage following a break between Bakar’s performance and his. Many campers crowded the Main Stage area in anticipation.

A crowd looks toward a stage at night.

The artist, best known for his song “Sunflower” with Post Malone, has written songs for various stars and has reached RIAA certification status on various occasions.

A person onstage wearing a color block shirt sings into a microphone.

A person onstage holds a shirt and sings into a microphone.


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