A singer wearing all black and sunglasses jumps as flames shoot up from the stage behind them.

Captured: Burna Boy brings Afrobeats to downtown Chicago

Burna Boy performed with an elaborate set including background dancers and pyrotechnics at Wintrust Arena on Wednesday night. Earlier in the month he was the first Afrobeats artist to perform at the Grammy Awards.

A singer leans toward the camera while holding a red microphone.A group of dancers wearing white accompanies a singer wearing black and holding a microphone on stage.People cheer and lean on a barricade while many hold their phones up to record.A singer wearing a black shirt and brown pants raises the red microphone as cellphone flashlights shine in the background.A singer wearing a black shirt and brown pants performs as confetti falls in the background. A spotlight shines on people in a crowd while an onstage singer stands in the foreground.A singer wearing sunglasses with an earplug with ‘Burna’ on it performs with a red microphone.

A singer raises the microphone as spotlights shine on stage.

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