A player in yellow and black stretches their arms out to catch a football.

Captured: Northwestern turns over the game to Iowa at Wildcats Classic

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What started off as a defensive stalemate ended in a 10-7 loss for Northwestern against Iowa  Saturday. The Wildcats (4-5, 2-4 Big Ten) fell about one yard short of a touchdown after four downs in the third quarter, allowing the Hawkeyes (7-2, 4-2 Big Ten) to swoop in and score the game’s inaugural touchdown. Just when it started to look grim for NU, the team tied the game in the fourth quarter — only for Iowa to pull ahead on a 52-yard field goal in the last minute of the game. 

Cheerleaders in purple run on the field with purple flags that spell “Wildcat.” A marching band student in purple and black plays the flute. A football player in purple and white runs onto the field. A player in purple and white kicks a football on the field. Two football players reach for the ball as it falls to the ground. A wildcat mascot and a hawkeye mascot pose for the camera. A football player in yellow and white runs with a football. Football players tackle one another on the field. A player in purple and white looks up from the ground while holding a football. A person in black, sitting on another’s shoulders, holds up a purple megaphone. A player in purple and white runs with a football as another player tries to tackle them. Two opposing football players tumble onto the field. A player in purple and white makes their way through the opposing team’s defense while holding a football. Football players in purple hold up a heart to the crowd after the game.

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