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Devil Dawgs brings Chicago-style hot dogs to Evanston

Photo courtesy of Jeff Carlin
Devil Dawg’s’ Evanston location offers 13 different hot dogs.

Devil Dawgs opened in Evanston Friday, bringing a pop of color and a unique twist to Chicago’s classic hot dogs.

The hot dog chain’s new Evanston location at 921 Church Street is its fifth and largest; the other four are scattered around various neighborhoods in Chicago. Owner Jeff Carlin said the launch is a great accomplishment for the business amidst many closures post-pandemic. 

“We survived COVID,” Carlin said. “We came out not necessarily stronger but smarter, and we’re still here. We are going to rebuild now. We’re energized. We’ve restaffed.” 

Devil Dawgs was founded in 2010 near DePaul University in Lincoln Park, and Carlin said he hopes the restaurant’s newest location will have a similar appeal to Northwestern students. Devil Dawgs’ Evanston location offers seating for 65 guests with additional outdoor seating for 30.

Medill senior Maya Krainc, who visited the restaurant Saturday, said she is excited to have a new restaurant in Evanston that stays open a bit later.

“Students want food that’s open relatively late and fast and easy to get,” Krainc said. 

Over the past decade, Devil Dawgs made a name for itself in Chicago. The Evanston location offers the same menu as its other locations with 13 different hot dogs, ranging from the “Devil Dawg,” their signature specialty with spicy, jumbo, grilled sausage, to the “Vegan Dog,” which can be made in any style. 

Evanston resident David Eldridge said Devil Dawgs is a beneficial addition to the community for students and other residents alike. 

“They have some different takes on the hot dog, so it was pretty interesting,” Eldridge said. “So far so good on my first two visits, so I’m sure we’ll be back fairly often when we need something quick but a little bit different.”

Carlin said he hopes to further expand Devil Dawg into Chicago’s suburban areas. Larger spaces open up possibilities like a drive-thru location in the future, he added.

Carlin said his ultimate goal is to open five more Devil Dawgs restaurants in the next three years, for a total of 10.

“It’s exciting to have our first location in the suburbs in Evanston, and we’re hoping to have fun with everybody out here,” Managing Director Dena Bachenheimer said.

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