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Bucket list: 10 things to do before you leave Northwestern

Illustration by Olivia Abeyta
Here’s ten things to do before you leave NU.

When you look back at your time at Northwestern, you probably don’t want all of those memories to be late-night grind sessions in Main. Former University President Morton Schapiro once told an incoming class to start constructing a bucket list as soon as students enter college, so here are a few ideas to add to yours.

1. Go to a Bob’s Pizza Trivia Night. 

And get there early, because the restaurant is packed on Tuesday nights — if it isn’t an exam week, spots can be filled as early as 6:15 p.m. (from personal experience!). Get a team together and try your hand at an assortment of trivia questions — most have musical hints. There are prizes if you win, but even if it isn’t your thing, the vibe is always great. The cheese pizza is pretty good, too. 

2. Take a hammock out to the Lakefill.

Evanston springs are perfect for reading a book out in the sun (as long as the gnats are dormant). Or maybe it was a long winter and the only glimpse of spring happened during finals week — in which case, I’d recommend bringing your notes to study. Trees tend to get occupied quickly, though, so you might want to save a spot.

3. Take a shower in Mudd Science and Engineering Library.

If you ever find yourself studying in Mudd among the McCormick School of Engineering students — or are one yourself — you can stay fresh during your study session by utilizing the showers on the second floor. You can really work up a sweat when you’re working on math problem sets. And according to this Daily podcast, there are a few other unexpected places you can shower on campus, so you could consider adding all the places to your bucket list.

4. Take the Intercampus shuttle to Loyola University Chicago.

The Intercampus is convenient for getting to Chicago via its route to NU’s downtown campus, but did you know that it stops at Loyola prior to reaching the Ward Building? It’s actually pretty convenient, since most of the fast food places are located at Loyola. So if you have a Taco Bell craving, why order delivery when you can just hop onto the shuttle and get it yourself?

5. Go to the Evanston Farmers Market.

It’s kind of embarrassing that I’m already a senior and still haven’t visited the Evanston Farmers Market, though you can catch me there this fall! Open Saturday mornings from May to November, the farmers market features almost 60 vendors selling fresh produce and baked treats.

6. Have a campfire at the Lakefill.

And roast some s’mores. Groups can reserve the Lakefill fire pit through the Norris University Center. The Outdoors Club tends to host events there throughout the year, so a good way to check this item off your bucket list is to join its email list.

7. Go to a Cubs game.

If you’re in the Chicago area, it only makes sense to go to a Cubs game. Even if you’re not a fan of baseball, it’s a fun experience if you bring some friends along. Sometimes NU organizes trips to the games and discounts tickets.

8. Paint The Rock.

Located between Harris Hall, University Hall and Kresge Hall, The Rock gets a fresh coat of paint quite often. Per campus tradition, in order to paint The Rock — which must be done in the middle of the night — students must first defend it for 24 hours. There’s also a live webcam to The Rock.

9. Get a freebie at an NU sports game.

NU Athletics tends to incentivize students to show up to various sports games by offering free stuff, from food to clothing and bucket hats. Depending on the sport, these can be pretty competitive, especially at men’s basketball last season.

10. Spot University President Michael Schill and his dog walking down Sheridan Road.

Many Evanston residents walk alongside their adorable pets down Sheridan. According to some students, Schill and his dog Max are among the group.

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