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Five of the unique clubs Northwestern has to offer

Photo courtesy of Beck Dengler
“Survivor Northwestern” premiered its inaugural season last year.

Clubs are a perfect way to meet friends, take a break from studying and focus on something you’re passionate about, especially when you’re looking for activities beyond your classes. With nearly 500 clubs and organizations at Northwestern, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find one that interests you.

What makes NU particularly special is the unique organizations among those 500 that you won’t find in your favorite film about stereotypical college students. 

Here are just a few of the clubs you can join when you get to NU:

Survivor Northwestern

Based on the hit CBS show with the same name, Survivor NU is a way for fans of the reality show to play their own version, without being shipped off to a remote island. 

Participants are divided into two teams that face off in a series of challenges. Every week, one player gets voted off until there’s only one person left, who becomes the sole survivor. Challenges can be anything from physical activities to memory challenges. 

Whether you’re a fan of the show and looking to live out your reality TV dreams, or just simply looking to challenge yourself while not being in the library, you may want to become a new contestant on Survivor NU. 

Crossword Team

Are you an ace at the New York Times’ Sunday Crossword? Or even the Mini? NU’s Crossword Team is the place to put your talents to the test. 

Despite being labeled a “team,” all competitions in the club are low stakes. Once a week, members come together to try to complete the Times’ Sunday puzzle. As the club has grown since its founding, they’ve begun to split into two groups and see which group can get it done faster. But don’t worry, the winner only earns “bragging rights.”

Including an application that will test your comedic skills, NUXW is the perfect club to introduce you to NU. 


Whether you’re new to knitting or a veteran, Knitwestern is a great way to unwind and do something for a good cause.

Most of the clubs’ work is donated — in the past, they’ve donated their creations to organizations that help the unhoused and campus workers. Members can bring their own yarn or use the club’s, on one condition: the clubs’ materials must be part of something that will be donated.

Knitwestern is a place to either hone and perfect your artful craft, or take on a new skill. 

Mayfest Productions

Heard of Dillo Day? Mayfest runs that. 

Yes, you heard it here first: The largest student-run music festival in the country is in fact run by a student organization. Mayfest typically recruits in the fall and takes on members to help run everything from booking artists to promoting the highly-anticipated Spring Quarter event. 

If you want to be behind Dillo and get a sneak peek at who the artists will be, think about applying for Mayfest. But if you’re looking to enjoy the festival on the actual day, maybe reconsider — Mayfest members not only plan the event, but also must work it on the day of. 

Outdoors Club

If you’re looking to escape the concrete of greater Chicago, the NU Outdoors Club is for you.

With activities throughout the school year on the weekends, there’s surely something to interest you. They can range from biking to camping and rock climbing. The best part about it is the low commitment necessary: all you have to do is join their email list and you can attend their planned activities at your own pleasure. 

These are just a taste of some of the clubs NU has to offer, so you’re sure to find one, or many, that are perfect for you.

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