University Police moves to larger facility


Daily file photo by Patrick Svitek

University Police finished its relocation earlier this month. UP’s new headquarters, 1201 Davis St., is farther from the Northwestern campus but offers more space.

Bailey Williams, Reporter

After a two-year process of planning and moving, University Police has officially relocated to new and larger headquarters.

The new building, 1201 Davis St., is about 10 times as large as UP’s prior location, 1819 Hinman Ave., Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said. The final completion of the building and landscaping is slated for October.

The building allots more room to specific office division areas such as a technologically enhanced communications unit, the investigative unit, emergency services, and the community service and residence hall security unit. This location also houses administrative services, patrol operations, a problem-solving team and safety and security systems.

McAleer said the new building offers a safer route for officers to take people into custody because its garage is adjacent to the holding area.

The original headquarters, which measured three stories, lacked adequate space for storage and training facilities. The locker room accommodations for police officers and staff were also smaller, McAleer said.

McAleer said the Evanston Police Department, which works closely with UP, visited the new headquarters and was pleased with the additional space.

Evanston residents and members of the Northwestern community can get a glimpse of UP’s headquarters through public tours of the new facility, which should be available sometime next month, McAleer said. The trips will include a walk-through of the updated offices and facilities accompanied by explanations of how police use each one.

Despite these advantages, McAleer acknowledged that the new office is farther from campus. As a result, UP has increased police presence at NU, McAleer said.

Still, McAleer said the benefits of the move outweigh the drawbacks.

“I don’t think you’ll find anybody who wants to be back on Hinman,” he said.

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