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Sophie Liu David takes final bow in ‘Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella’ at Drury Lane Theatre

Madeline King/The Daily Northwestern
Sophie Liu David said her experience in “Cinderella” made her certain in her pursuit of a career in theater.

Although she grew up auditioning for commercials and ballroom dancing competitively, taking the live stage helped Sophie Liu David truly realize her passion for theater. She was bitten by the theatre bug in middle school and has been performing ever since. 

On Sunday, David took her final bow as an ensemble member of Drury Lane Theatre’s production of “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella” concluding a two-month run.

David, a Northwestern junior majoring in theater, said she took a leave of absence from school during Fall Quarter to accommodate for the rehearsal schedule. She said the production rehearsed from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week before opening on Nov. 8.

“Cinderella” marked David’s professional theater debut, and she called it a “phenomenal experience.” 

“The creative team and the other actors were all very welcoming,” David said. “They knew it was my first show, so they really helped me out and gave me some tips.”

David emphasized how much she learned throughout the rehearsal process and performances. She added that it was helpful to hear seasoned professional actors discuss how to choose an agent, decide what auditions to attend and to see them interact with directors. 

Lissa deGuzman, the professional actress who portrayed Ella, said she and her colleagues enjoyed David’s presence. 

“Everyone loved being around Sophie,” deGuzman said. “She had sort of a magnetic energy because she would lead with doing the work and then follow with such a joyful attitude.”

According to deGuzman, David exhibited “incredible attention to detail” both in rehearsals and performances. David was able to execute even the smallest of details in choreography, she said.

Shawn Douglass, a Northwestern theatre professor and David’s acting teacher, said he sees David’s strong work ethic in the classroom as well. 

“She has a self-discipline that I have not taught her that she carries with her,” Douglass said. 

deGuzman said David’s passion for theater is “infectious,” adding that David reminds her of a younger version of herself. 

David said she knew she had this passion for theater prior to her experience in “Cinderella,” but hoped the production would teach her whether a career in the arts was for her. 

“I’ve always loved theater, but I wasn’t sure if the lifestyle was right for me,” David said. 

According to David, “Cinderella” remedied her doubts. She said she appreciated the opportunity to see what it would mean to spend the majority of her time “fully invested in one show.” 

Devoting her past few months to performing a fairytale and spreading positive messages to audiences full of little girls in princess dresses was rewarding, David said.

Overall, David said she loved being able to tell a story onstage multiple times per week that allowed audiences to escape their troubles and immerse themselves in another world. 

“I love theater for the fact that it can bring people some joy,” David said. “People learn from the media that they consume, and I think theater is a beautiful way to have this live community all experiencing a story together.”

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