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Students to dress in camp-centric fashion for Dillo Day, center creative expression

Daily File Illustration by Ziye Wang
Northwestern students plan theme-oriented costumes, fitting to Mayfest Productions theme of camp.

Stacked friendship bracelets, hiking boots, camouflage reinvented and beach bliss have been on the minds of Northwestern students since Mayfest Productions announced Dillo Day’s theme “Camp Dillo” in January.

With graphics of nostalgic flags and tents, the theme will bring outdoor-themed couture to the Lakefill for Saturday’s festival.

A collaboration between Mayfest Productions and Stitch Magazine on social media showcased a series of camp-centric outfits for student inspiration, including overalls and vests, tropical colors and patterns, and a girl scout-esque costume using fishing vests and iron-on patches.

Weinberg freshman Riley Hause said she turned instead toward fashion featured in previous music festivals including Coachella, Stagecoach and Ultra in Miami.

With this collection of inspiration, Hause said she plans to draw from outside her usual wardrobe with a multi-colored tube top, a cargo skirt and plenty of hair clips and body chain accessories.

“A lot of fun accessories, fun colors, fun pieces,” Hause said. “Something a little out of my comfort zone.”

Weinberg freshman Madison Rozwat said she browsed Pinterest for outfit inspiration, which motivated her to purchase a white top adorned with flowers and reuse a pair of jean shorts she owns.

She said the top draws from themes of nature, while the jean material reflects the ultimate thread of summer camp.

“It reminds me of summer, and I feel like camp is a very summertime thing,” Rozwat said.

Medill freshman Marcus Kim said he found it difficult to find mediums to draw from as a man.

He said many of his friends are planning their costumes last-minute, so he doesn’t have any other ideas to bounce off of.

“I think it’s frustrating that you can’t really prepare and you basically have to create (the outfit) all by yourself,” Kim said. “You don’t know what the vibe is.”

Kim found his creative outlet through pop culture, pulling inspiration from Harrison Ford’s character Indiana Jones.

With practicality in mind, Kim plans to dress with breathable materials to prepare for the projected heat, including green elastic shorts and a beige button-down shirt with flaps to allow for air circulation. He is also including a camouflage bandana as an accessory.

“I really enjoyed it because it shows your creative side,” Kim said. “You’re going to be a leader in a sense where you’re making your own decisions and you’re not relying on anyone else.”

Despite the practicalities of fashion for Camp Dillo, Hause said that the festival creates a space to escape from reality for creative freedom.

“I feel the vibe is just fun,” Hause said. “I feel like when people think camp, they think of a place to escape the real world and just express themselves.”

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