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Open Tab: Backlot Coffee brightens up spring quarter with seasonal drinks, pastries

Rachel Schlueter/The Daily Northwestern
Caffeine fiends and students alike will love Backlot Coffee’s craft drinks and warm interior.

With decadent pastries and refreshing beverages, Backlot Coffee is the quintessential spring quarter study spot.

Located at 2006 Central St., this coffee shop is a short trip on the intercampus shuttle or 201 Central/Ridge bus. When we visited on a sunny Monday afternoon, Backlot Coffee was packed with customers. The shop’s large windows and botanicals invite patrons to stay for a while.

Coffee purists can grab a classic americano, flat white or cappuccino. Backlot Coffee also offers tea, including matcha, chai and fruity iced teas. We were craving a cold iced coffee and ordered two of Backlot Coffee’s specialty drinks: the oatmeal cookie latte and cardamom rose latte.

If you like sweet coffee, the oatmeal cookie latte is for you. It was creamy with hints of cinnamon and maple. The espresso flavor was rich but not overpowering.

The cardamom rose latte was the perfect blend of spice and floral flavor. Each sip rejuvenated us to power through our midday slumps.

In addition to craft drinks, Backlot Coffee offers a plethora of pastries. Visit in the morning for a full selection of donuts, muffins, scones and breads. In the spirit of bright springtime flavors, we tried the key lime pie cookie and lemon poppyseed loaf.

The cookie was crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside, and the key lime custard topping was tart and citrusy. The buttery, sweet cookie balanced well with its acidic filling.

The lemon poppyseed loaf was soft and chewy, with the lemon flavor coming through in each bite. The layer of icing added a tangy kick to the pastry.

Backlot also serves many savory lunch and breakfast options, including bagels, empanadas, sandwiches and burritos. It also offers gluten-free and vegetarian substitutions.

We opted to try the veggie burrito, which consisted of a grilled tortilla wrapped around rice, black beans, roasted peppers, onions and cheese. It came with a side of salsa. Each bite was warm and gooey, with the vegetables, cheese and salsa forming a perfect lunch combination.

In addition to kitchen items, Backlot has a fridge stocked with grab-and-go items, such as yogurt parfaits and juices.

The interior was cozy and full of Evanstonians, adding an air of small-town charm to this local spot. The warm Backlot staff add to the shop’s friendly neighborhood vibes.

For a study spot without the hustle and bustle of downtown Evanston, look no further than Backlot Coffee.

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Email: [email protected]
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