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Open Tab: Exploring Jeni’s new tasty extraterrestrial flavors

Evelyn Mulchrone/The Daily Northwestern
The launch featured three new flavors, a returning flavor and a new topping.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams launched into spring with the release of its spring collection, Punk Stargonaut. We blasted off to Jeni’s Southport location to try out the intergalactic new flavors.

The launch featured three new flavors, one returning flavor and a new topping. The collection aligns with April 8’s total solar eclipse, which will be visible through much of North America, including southern Illinois, Indianapolis and Columbus.

Our favorite flavor was Purple Star Born, a grape-flavored ice cream with a frozen yogurt base. This was reminiscent of a refreshing glass of grape juice. It was unlike any other flavor we’ve seen at ice cream stores before, and the perfectly creamy texture was the cherry (or grape) on top.

The citrusy and fruity Cosmic Bloom was a close second, followed by the tangy Nebula Berry. We expected Cosmic Bloom to taste like orange soda and were pleasantly surprised by expansive flavors ranging from kiwi to passionfruit.

The gorgeous light purple Nebula Berry is a delightful mixture of blueberry, raspberry and elderflower flavors. The buttermilk frozen yogurt is infused with blueberry bits, adding a welcome texture to the mix.

Our least favorite (though still enjoyable) was the returning flavor Supermoon, which features a pairing of marshmallow and violet flavors. The combination of blue and yellow colors makes the scoop look like a planet from a far-away galaxy. According to Jeni’s employees, customers heavily requested Supermoon’s return.

The star of the show was the Space Dust, a popping candy reminiscent of our childhood favorite Pop Rocks. The unique topping added a perfect twist to the themed launch.

We enjoyed all four flavors but wished there had been more variety. Three of the four flavors were exceedingly fruity, and the last – Supermoon – returned only upon customer request. Purple Star Born and Nebula Berry could be mixed up due to their similarity in color.

The collection could’ve benefited from one more non-fruit flavor, and we feel there was some untapped potential for fun and unique space theming. For example, a “Black Hole” chocolate flavor would have been the perfect addition.

Where flavoring fell slightly short, store themes went above and beyond. Posters of planet-like ice cream scoops donned the walls, and star balloons filled the ceiling. The decorations added a sense of whimsy to the launch.

The Jeni’s storefront we visited in Southport appeared like a community staple.

Children excitedly ran into the store, willing to venture outside their comfort zone and try the new flavors. One happy customer, quickly consuming her Purple Star Born cone, told us Jeni’s was her favorite ice cream. Employees were also incredibly helpful and kind, ready to field questions from customers regarding the launch and provide recommendations.

We’d highly recommend Jeni’s newest space launch for a delicious intergalactic journey.

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