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The Moss captivates audience with upbeat music, infectious energy at Lincoln Hall

Jay Dugar/The Daily Northwestern
The Moss created an uplifting atmosphere while showcasing their unique alternative rock sound live in concert.

Calling The Moss’ performance “high-energy” may be an understatement, as the alternative rock band delivered a fast-paced show at Lincoln Hall Friday night on their “Alive Tour.”

Audience members packed the standing-room-only venue full, and eager listeners lined the railings of the balcony above to hear the four-person band based in Salt Lake City.

Band members danced together onstage and moved with the quintessential carefreeness of an indie rock band. The band’s stage presence makes it difficult to take your eyes off them, and their positivity and liveliness are truly infectious. 

The songs sounded very similar to their studio recordings — a refreshing pattern that sets The Moss apart from other bands in an industry that relies heavily on autotune. 

Upbeat songs like “Insomnia” created the perfect opportunity to dance and let loose. The Moss has learned how to effectively build energy throughout their faster songs to keep listeners engaged from start to finish. The contrast in levels of intensity makes these songs particularly entertaining. 

The setlist also featured some songs that were a bit slower, such as “Heartbreaker.” The audience was more chatty and less engaged during these songs, but I think they deserve a lot more love. Slower tracks added a nice break from the high energy of the show and showcased a pretty falsetto from lead singer Tyke James — a sound The Moss should continue to explore. By the end of the song, “Heartbreaker” built in energy, which livened up the audience once again. 

The overall atmosphere of the show was immensely positive and fun. With uplifting lyrics like “I’ll keep on searchin’ for the place that makes me happy,” it would have been difficult to watch The Moss and feel anything other than joy. 

The crowd was very responsive, further contributing to the bright atmosphere. Audience members bounced and nodded their heads throughout the set. Their smiles were contagious. 

It was apparent that The Moss had many loyal fans in the audience, as many wore the band’s merch and knew enough lyrics to sing along . Despite being a relatively small band with about 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, The Moss’s uniquely relaxing yet fast-paced sound has rightfully attracted a supportive fan base. 

The love goes both ways, as The Moss is interactive with their fans. James took the hands of listeners in the front row and gave them a twirl. He jumped on top of boxes and the bar to interact with different sections of the crowd. At one point, as he sang to a fan in the balcony, the fan threw a cell phone down to James, who caught it and filmed as he sang before throwing the phone back to the fan. 

The band repeatedly checked in with the audience to make sure the crowd was enjoying themselves and invited audience participation during some songs through call and response. 

James also thanked the audience for their attendance and energy multiple times during the concert and made sure fans felt seen.

“I hope you guys know this is my medicine, and I appreciate all of you guys,” James said. 

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