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Our Valentine’s playlist: Your secret admirers at The Daily made you an all-encompassing Valentine’s mixtape

Illustration by Shveta Shah
From love songs to break up anthems, we’ve picked through them all to make this Valentine’s playlist just for you.

Remember the days when you’d pass out little store-bought Valentines to everyone in your class, and maybe you’d sneak the best one into your crush’s bag? Those days may be over, but the spirit lives on. It’s time to find more grown-up ways to celebrate — or to cope. 

This Feb. 14, I’ll be getting into my Valentine’s feels with this especially comprehensive Valentine’s Day playlist. 

For the romantics 

Adrianne Lenker, “anything” 

This intimate ballad by the acclaimed lead singer of Big Thief feels as if it’s spoken in a whisper. The song feels like surrendering to love — like it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re with your person. 

John Denver, “Annie’s Song” 

Well, yes, maybe we did see this on commercials for local parks growing up. However, it is also a precious, emotional piece about the way love is ever-present and all-encompassing. 

For the bitter

Ms. Lauryn Hill, “Ex-Factor” 

Hill’s incredible voice moves up and down the scale whilst she grapples with the reciprocity in a relationship, taking us on an emotional rollercoaster. Her repetitive questioning is both towards herself and her seemingly unthoughtful partner –– a blaming game many can relate to. 

Mitski, “I Bet on Losing Dogs” 

Sometimes you just need to sulk, and that’s okay. This song is one of the greatest pity-party hits, brought to us by the matriarch of melodic metaphors. 

For the ones that got away

Taylor Swift, “right where you left me”

If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t get over someone, whether it be because you felt wronged or because you felt indescribable love, Swift’s longing melodies will find a home within you.

Adele, “Someone Like You”

It simply would not be a Valentine’s Day playlist if there was not at least one Adele feature. This classic lament will forever be my go-to. Enough said. 

For the crushing

Nané, “Always On My Mind”

This funky groove from the Texas group will leave you light on your feet and head over heels. With its crescendos to the chorus, the track exudes the bubbly feeling you get when there’s someone to have your eye on. 

The Beatles, “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

Do you believe in love at first sight? John, Paul, Ringo and George sure do — and they may just convince you with this classic, upbeat love song about what it’s like to fall hard.

For the platonic loves

Barry Louis Polisar, “Me and You” 

Polisar captures the simple joy that we feel when we get to spend time with our dearest friends. There is something special about being understood by someone, and this cheeky song will surely bring you back to that feeling.

The Avett Brothers, “The Perfect Space” 

This song is dedicated to the friends that grow with you. With an upbeat shift in the middle of the track, the song captures both the sentimental and joyous parts of long-lasting friendships.

For the happily single

TLC, “No Scrubs” 

A not-so-subtle reminder that you deserve the best out of a relationship because you are a catch and a half, as told to us by the credible and talented ladies of TLC.  

Beyoncé, “Single Ladies” 

This song needs no description. You know it. You love it. I expect you to be dancing along with it.

For the unhappily single 

Daniel Johnston, “True Love Will Find You in the End”

Johnston’s warbling note of reassurance is sentimental even 40 years after its release. The song has been covered numerous times by artists and bands from Beck to Wilco, but the original will forever hold its own. 

Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, “Like I Used To” 

This indie-rock collaboration sings a reminder that you are a constant for yourself, and that even in the times when that constant may feel like something you want to escape from, it is a gift. 

Honorable Mentions

“The Book of Love”- The Magnetic Fields 

Featured in what some may call the group’s magnum opus, “69 Love Songs,” this track showcases lead singer Stephin Merrit’s haunting voice echoing the cyclical nature of love. 

“I Think Of You”- Rodríguez

The sweet melody featured in this song seems to mirror the young love reminiscing featured in the lyrics. The song extends an invitation to remember the experiences we’ve  shared with those we love and be grateful for them. 

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