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Reggies showcases up-and-coming Chicago rappers in The Blueprint CNCRT

Lexi Goldstein/The Daily Northwestern
Performances from local rappers created an electric atmosphere at Reggies during The Blueprint CNCRT.

Several Chicago rappers delivered a high-energy and soulful show at Reggies Friday night as a part of local creative community CNCRT’s first ever concert, The Blueprint CNCRT. 

D2x headlined the event, which also featured performances from Kayo, better known as, SONNY and Kiraly Payne. Preme DJed the event.

Around 60 listeners swayed enthusiastically together in the dimly lit Rock Club at Reggies, a music venue bordering Chinatown. 

With caution tape overhead and a haze rolling from fog machines, the ambiance was grungy but slick. Strobe lights sent an array of LED colors reflecting off the fog, setting the mood of the event.

Many rappers asked for the lights to be turned off during certain songs in their sets, opting instead for audiences to illuminate the artists with their phone flashlights.

Payne captivated the audience with his set, performing songs with attention-grabbing beats like “Freez” and “Run Away.” Audience members were immediately drawn in by his natural stage presence and sang along to the choruses. Payne said he plans to release his first album this year.  

SONNY’s set was a standout, with the addition of a saxophonist and electric guitar player on some songs. The live instruments added dimension to his performance, which electronic beats alone sometimes miss. 

Kayo commanded the stage in his eye-catching neon orange pants. He seemed to be an expert at engaging the crowd, calling out specific audience members by what they were wearing to move closer to the stage. Kayo performed eight songs, including tracks from his most recent album “Until His Burial.” He closed out the set with “Wait on Me” and had the crowd singing along. 

Between performances, Danny Pleckham, the organizer of The Blueprint CNCRT, came to the stage to thank the audience for attending the show. 

D2x closed out the evening, and his performance electrified the room. Audience members eagerly reached up to shake hands with him as he rapped his first song. Tracks from his two albums, “Hotel 1105” and “The Color Blue,” lit up the room.

In his set, D2x notably included valuable words of wisdom between his songs. He was vulnerable in front of the audience, talking about difficulties he’s faced and reminding listeners that they, too, will overcome their struggles. 

D2x wrapped up The Blueprint CNCRT by asking audience members to raise their hands in heart shapes for a picture, a fitting gesture to end an uplifting, dynamic and lively concert.

“When I look at this crowd, I see so many beautiful people, and I know everybody in this crowd got a dream, man,” D2x said. “And I’m just telling you, bro, keep going. It sounds so cliche, but the moment that you stop might be a moment that changed everything tomorrow.” 

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