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ASG Senate distributes $5,000 to new student organizations

Zhizhong Xu/Daily Senior Staffer
Associated Student Government Senators voted to allocate funding for new student organizations during a Wednesday night meeting in Norris University Center.

The Associated Student Government Senate distributed $5,000 from its New Student Organization Support Fund during its meeting on Wednesday night.

The fund, which ASG pioneered this year, is specifically dedicated to student groups that have existed for two years or less. The fund allocates a total of $15,000 annually, split between Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters. 

“Because these orgs are newer, we want this funding to be a stepping stone in helping them succeed,” SESP senior and Speaker of the Senate Leah Ryzenman said.

Nine student groups applied for allocations from the fund, including BridgeUSA at NU, 180 Degrees Consulting, Hong Kong Student Association, Armenian Student Association, Hindu YUVA, Scholars of Finance, Association of Kenyan Students, Club Ski Team and Emerging Coders. The groups all received some portion of the funding, but not all of them were allocated the full amount of money they applied for. 

The funding process began with tentative allocations and proceeded to a round of cuts. After that, remaining funding was reallocated during the “add period.”

“This is my first funding senate, and it was really interesting and enlightening to hear each club make their pitch about how they want to benefit the Northwestern community,” McCormick sophomore and Senator James La Fayette Jr. said. “It’s hard because I want to see all these clubs funded, but there’s a limited amount of funds. As Senators, we have to prioritize requests that will benefit a lot of students.” 

Groups that applied ultimately received between $200 and $1,006, with Hindu YUVA receiving the most funding. 

Funds will be used for various club expenses like food for events, transportation and equipment. Weinberg sophomore Tigran Bantikyan, who serves as treasurer for the Armenian Student Association, said he appreciated the support. 

“Having (funding for) activities and food gives a chance for students to get involved in Armenian culture and connect with each other,” Bantikyan said. 

McCormick sophomore Mariana Lopez, diversity, equity and inclusion chair for the Club Ski Team, said the funding that the organization received will help buy shared safety equipment so those purchases do not come out of members’ pockets. 

“Our goal is to make skiing more accessible to the entire Northwestern community, not just those who have already been able to participate in it,” Lopez said.

Applications for next quarter’s funds will open later in the year, and several Senators said they’re excited to see more organizations apply. 

“I was very impressed with how this funding senate went,” said Weinberg sophomore Grace Houren, the Senate parliamentarian. “In the past, it’s been known to get a bit tense, but everything went smoothly and the Senators made financially competent decisions.”

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