2 students charged with stealing Northwestern-Ohio State game equipment


Source: Evan Frost

Two Northwestern students are accused of stealing a yard marker, football and event staff jackets during the NU-Ohio State game Saturday night. The yard marker in the student section could be seen on TV, according to a witness.

Patrick Svitek, City Editor

Two Northwestern students stole a football, yard marker and event staff jackets during NU’s prime-time matchup against Ohio State, according to police.

During halftime Saturday night, athletic department staff told University Police two people had removed a yard marker from the field, UP Deputy Chief Daniel McAleer said. Two officers responded and were told the two people had taken the marker to the student section.

McAleer said the officers found the two people in the student section and noticed they had the marker but were trying to hide it with their feet. One of them was wearing an event staff jacket.

After the officers escorted the two people out of the stands, event staff told the officers it was missing two jackets from its coatroom, McAleer said. One of the students was still wearing the jacket, while the other had the second jacket and a game ball taken from the same location as the marker.

SESP freshman Evan Frost said he was standing behind the two students before they were surrounded by about half a dozen officers and asked to leave the stands. One of the students was wearing a purple hard hat and told Frost he was able to snatch the yard marker after telling a security guard he was a “stadium engineer.”

“He just came back to the student section and just started waving it around,” Frost recalled.

Watching at home, Frost’s dad even noticed the yard marker in the student section as it waved back and forth in front of ESPN’s cameras.

“You’re behind the guy with the Dial-a-Down,” Frost said his dad told him.

The students were arrested and charged with theft. They were released on $1,500 bail and are scheduled to appear in court Nov. 20.

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