Football: Chance Carter talks love for hockey, advantages of being close to home

Josh Walfish, Sports Editor

Northwestern must replace two defensive linemen after Brian Arnfelt and Quentin Williams graduate this spring. However, the Wildcats have some experienced players returning, including junior defensive tackle Chance Carter. The Evanston native played in all 13 games during the Cats’ 2012 campaign, compiling 15 tackles while rotating in on the defensive line. He will be one of the guys fighting this spring for more playing time on defense. As spring practice winds down, Carter spoke with The Daily about why he loves being so close to home and how he became interested in the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Daily Northwestern: What’s your favorite Northwestern football tradition?

Chance Carter: I would definitely have to say slapping the “Trust Yourself” sign before the game. Before a game, the “Trust Yourself” is a huge thing for me because I like to think a lot, and seeing that board out there that says “Trust Yourself” really gets me to clear my mind and just go out and play football. Football’s just a game, and you have to just go out there and play.

The Daily: Where’s your favorite place to study on campus?

Carter: The library, third floor, East Tower.

The Daily: What’s your favorite class you’ve taken so far at NU?

Carter: Swahili. A lot of the football guys are in it, so it’s the class I’m the most comfortable in.

The Daily: I know you’re an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan. What about hockey appeals to you?

Carter: I like the fast-paced action of it. When the Blackhawks were really just getting good to where they are now about three years ago, I didn’t know about them because they weren’t that good. When I sat down and actually watched a hockey game and saw how fast it was, how physical it was and how much it reminded me of football, I really enjoyed it and really caught on to it.

The Daily: Why did you decide to come to Northwestern?

Carter: The familiarity of it. I was actually taking classes here when I was younger in the Center for Talent Development program. I’ve been taking them since I was in the fourth grade. Having the chance to have my family come to every game if they can, and then being close to friends and family.

The Daily: What’s the best thing about being so close to your friends and family?

Carter: I can go home any time I want to. I usually go home every Sunday to see my mom, my sisters. When my friends come back from Spring Break, I get to see them any time I want to, so that’s a plus.