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Singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney talks starting a family, Yung Gravy collaboration

Photo courtesy of Jon Premosch
Jesse McCartney released his new EP titled “All’s Well” on April 5.

From voicing a talking chipmunk in “Alvin and The Chipmunks” to reaching over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney has always been good at catching the public’s attention. The Daily spoke with McCartney at a roundtable event about how he continues to turn heads with the release of his new EP, “All’s Well.”

Released on April 5, “All’s Well” features five pop songs inspired by ’70s pop records that McCartney listened to on vinyl, he said.

McCartney said there’s a song for everyone on the EP. “The Well” discusses depression and anxiety, characterized by the slow sounds of an acoustic guitar, for example, while “Silver Spoon” tells the story of wealthy people yet to find direction set to a fun, fast beat.

McCartney described his writing style as “slice-of-life writing” because the best songs are those that listeners relate to.

“(The lyrics) could be about the nail polish that she wore that day that was chipped and why it looked redder than the other nail,” McCartney said. “I try to write about things that are very relatable because I think it’s the most accessible for people.”

The sultry, funky “Make a Baby” features twice on “All’s Well” — once as a solo version and once featuring rapper Yung Gravy.

McCartney said he met Yung Gravy at a college show in Minnesota, where they became fast friends. Since promises of collaborations between musicians often fall through, McCartney said, he was thrilled when Yung Gravy agreed to record “Make a Baby.”

“My Venn diagram hardly ever crosses over Yung Gravy’s, especially writing music, but if there was ever a song, this is it,” McCartney said.

The fun lyrics of “Make a Baby” are exactly what you would expect. McCartney sings about how he’s “always in the mood” and his partner “got me on a schedule.”

The song mirrors McCartney’s life, the singer-songwriter said, as he and his wife are hoping to start a family. McCartney said his future child will be his main priority but that he will always continue to make music.

“As long as I’m stimulated creatively and get to make stuff that’s good and that people will think is good, then I’m a happy guy,” McCartney said.

McCartney said he hopes his future child inherits some of his musical talent, adding that he will begin introducing the child to his songs “in utero.”

McCartney has also worked and garnered fans in live theater, television, film and voice acting. McCartney shared an anecdote about some fans of “Kingdom Hearts” — a video game in which he voiced a character — who met him before a concert but didn’t want to stay for the show.

Regardless of whether his fans listen to his music, McCartney said, he appreciates them because their support allows him to do what he loves.

“To be able to play shows this long over so many years is pretty rare in pop music,” McCartney said. “I’m just grateful.”

On Friday night, McCartney will begin the All’s Well Tour in Austin, Texas. The tour will visit 24 cities across the country, including Chicago.

McCartney said the tour will give him the opportunity to see firsthand how fans are reacting to his music.

“I think the best is yet to come,” he said.

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