Dancers in white lab coats do backbends.

Captured: ReFusionShaka brings vibrant energy to Cahn Auditorium

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ReFusionShaka — an annual joint performance between dance groups Fusion and Refresh, and drum, dance and rhythm ensemble Boomshaka –– took place Friday and Sunday night in Cahn Auditorium. Each of the three performances also featured different guest performers including the Ahana Dance Project, Northwestern Bhangra and Purple Passion. RFS brought together dance communities from various backgrounds and cultures, culminating in a colorful and exciting performance.

Dancers dressed in all white lift another dancer in white above their heads. Dancers dressed in black stand in a line. A person in a lab coat dances with a toy skeleton. A group of dancers wearing white link hands. A group of dancers have their arms outstretched. Two dancers wearing black shirts pose. A group of dancers in white stand with their backs to the audience.





























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