News Quiz: New smoothie chain to sprout in Norris, Northwestern Alumni Medal, 2024 quarterback Brendan Zurbrugg

Jay Dugar, Senior Staffer


#1. Which smoothie chain will open a location in Norris in September?

#2. Which of the following NU alumni will not receive the Northwestern Alumni Medal in 2023?

#3. Northwestern speakers addressed community concerns on the Ryan Rebuild project at a 7th Ward special topic meeting. Who hosted this meeting?

#4. 2024 quarterback Brendan Zurbrugg committed to Northwestern on Monday, flipping from a commitment made last week to what university?

#5. Which of the following admissions policies did President Schill not name as an admission practice NU will use to affirm diversity in undergraduate enrollment, after SCOTUS ruled affirmative action unconstitutional?



Thank you for taking our news quiz! Before sharing your results, read up on Shake Smart’s opening in Norris and Northwestern affirming its dedication to diversity.


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