Alumni Quiz: How well do you know Northwestern’s notable alumni?


Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle attends the WellChild awards pre-Ceremony reception at Royal Lancaster Hotel on October 15, 2019 in London, England.

Jay Dugar, Newsroom Strategist


#1. Which Royal Family member did Meghan Markle (Communication ’03) marry in 2018?

#2. Which residence hall did George R.R. Martin (Medill ’70, ’71) live in during his first year at Northwestern?

#3. Which “Friends” star graduated from NU in 1988?

#4. What late night show did Ziwe Fumudoh (Communication ’14) write for?

#5. In what capacity did Michael Barratt (Feinberg ’85) work at NASA?

#6. Which of the following awards did Saul Bellow (Weinberg ’37) not win?

#7. Which former White House chief of staff graduated from NU in 1985?

#8. Which novel is Gillian Flynn (Medill MSJ ’97) best known for writing?

#9. Which of the following shows did Stephen Colbert (Communication ’86) not work on?

#10. Which science fiction series did Jeri Ryan (Communication ’90) act in?


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