Pink Penguin: Notes from the Newsroom

Student band Pink Penguin performed Sunday in The Daily’s newsroom for the fifth installment of the Notes from the Newsroom concert series.

The “neo-soul-jazz-pop-everything” group performed one original, “All Good Things” written by singer and Weinberg junior Lauren Joyce, and two covers: “Somethin’ Outta Nothin’” by Joomanji and “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

Pink Penguin features Joyce on lead vocals, accompanied by Bienen junior and keyboardist Luca Moretti, Bienen graduate student and trumpeter Mikey Ahearn, Weinberg senior and bassist AJ Denhoff, Communication senior and drummer Kennedy Williams and Bienen senior and guitarist Shanth Gopalswamy.

Ahearn said the band’s name comes from the group’s place in the “Club Penguin generation” and their love of alliteration.

With most band members making music independently, Joyce said Pink Penguin is the ideal integration of their individual musical identities. 

“Our sound is this really cool coalescence of all of our sounds and backgrounds,” Joyce said.  “None of us had to give anything up to have the band sound like us.”

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