safety scissors: Notes from the Newsroom

Student band safety scissors performed Sunday in The Daily’s newsroom for the third installment of the Notes from the Newsroom concert series.

The self-proclaimed “lesbian indie rock basement grunge pop punk post-modern new-era emo revival band” played three original songs: “Cold,” “Shadow” and “Meltdown.”

safety scissors features McCormick singer and rhythmic guitarist Maddie Farr, Communication lead guitarist Judy Lawrence and Weinberg bassist Hope McKnight. 

During the concert, Farr said “Cold” was the “first good song (she) wrote” at the age of 14. The song didn’t feel complete, she said, until she formed safety scissors with Lawrence and McKnight.

“Doing this with the whole group is super special,” Farr said. “Knowing that my friends at the time who I played it for as a freshman in high school can actually go watch it on YouTube is super full-circle.”

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