Creed Elan: Notes from the Newsroom

McCormick freshman and musician Creed Bellamy performed Sunday in The Daily’s newsroom for the fourth installment of the Notes from the Newsroom concert series.

Artistically known by her first and middle names as “Creed Elan,” Bellamy accompanied airy vocals with a ukulele on three originals: Bad Girlfriend,” “Remember The Love” and “Villainous Thing.”

Bellamy has released four singles on streaming platforms, starting with 2021’s “Bad Girlfriend.” In January, Bellamy dropped “Father Time,” a poppy, fast-paced track about looking ahead with a positive outlook.

Making music is a cathartic experience, she said. Alongside her individual music production, Bellamy performs with a cappella group Freshman Fifteen and is currently rehearsing for WAVE Productions’ spring production of “How We Got On.” 

Bellamy said she plans to continue releasing music and hopes to release “Remember the Love” soon.

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