Three Northwestern professors to present at TEDxChicago


Daily file photo by Madison Smith

The Arch. Three Northwestern professors will take the stage at the TEDxChicago event this September.

Yiming Fu, Managing Editor

You might catch one of your professors delivering a TED Talk this fall.

SESP Prof. Mesmin Destin, McCormick Prof. Michael Jewett and McCormick Prof. Manijeh Razeghi will speak at September’s “Showtime: Chi-Time” TEDxChicago event.

Destin is a social psychologist, and his lab looks at the factors that shape the experiences of students from diverse economic backgrounds. His talk will explore how appreciating people’s backgrounds and identities can affect their success, health and well-being.

As the director for Northwestern’s Center for Synthetic Biology, Jewett researches societal and planetary health. He will discuss freeze-dried, cell-free biotechnology.

A pioneer in quantum materials, Razeghi is the founding director of NU’s Center for Quantum Devices. Her talk will focus on quantum technologies, which could help create computing power greater than the supercomputers we have today.

The first round of tickets for the speaker event went on sale earlier this month, and more tickets will become available on June 23 and July 7. 

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