Restaurant You Wish Were Open Later: Edzo’s Burger Shop

Jillian Sandler, Opinion Editor

1571 Sherman Ave., (847) 864-3396,

If you get down to Edzo’s Burger Shop early enough, you’ll know why Evanstonians wish they could chow down its fare at all hours. The shop, which closes at 4 p.m.,features thick and juicy, as well as thin and crispy burgers, which patrons can customize with a range of toppings. If you want protein but don’t fancy a burger, Edzo’s has you covered with a slew of different hot dogs, bratwurst, corn dogs and more. And vegetarians, don’t fear – a veggie burger and grilled cheese sandwich are on the menu.

Edzo’s also offers a vast selection of fries. Garlic, cheese or buffalo can be layered solo on an order, but if you’re in the mood for multiple flavors, Crazy fries give you chili, cheese and onions, while Taylor Street Fries feature Italian Beef gravy and sweet and hot peppers.

Enough with the savory–let’s talk about the sweet stuff! Edzo’s shakes come in all sorts of flavors including Oreo, Nutella, banana and maple. These tasty treats will be sure to please as Evanstonians gear up for summer.

Burgers, dogs, fries, shakes and more – you can find it all at Edzo’s, the place Evanstonians want to see keep its doors open later.

–Jillian Sandler