New ISA World Cup vendors draw student group leaders

A student team participates in the International Student Association’s World Cup this past weekend.

Source: Olivia Lim

A student team participates in the International Student Association’s World Cup this past weekend.

Cat Zakrzewski, Campus Editor

The ISA World Cup tournament had a record number of fans in the stands this year thanks to several new initiatives.

The annual tournament featured 32 teams of soccer players, while 20 student groups acted as vendors in a large tent adjacent to the field. The event also had a dunk tank despite chilly temperatures and a closing ceremony hosted by University President Morton Schapiro.

“None of these people would be here right now,” said organizer and Medill junior Madelaine Bryen, looking around at more than 100 students surrounding the tent. “This year we were trying to build an audience. This is a great way to do so.”

The student group vendors were able to watch the soccer tournament, which culminated in a face-off between the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Zeta Beta Tau teams. SAE won the night game, beating ZBT 3-2 in the penalty kick following a 0-0 tie.

Although many student groups came out for the ISA World Cup event, the various vendors in the tents said they were having trouble selling food, drinks and raffle tickets. Some vendors said they had limited success selling to the soccer players.

Ashley Falcon, the publicity chair of CaribNation, was at the event selling Jamaican beef patties. The Weinberg sophomore said in its first three hours at the booth, CaribNation only sold three patties.

Falcon said even though the organization got the word out to student group leaders, most students did not know about this year’s changes.

“I don’t think they advertised very well,” Falcon said.

Weinberg junior Merry Xiao sold energy bars and fruit at the tournament to raise money for the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. On Saturday afternoon, she said she had not had the chance to watch the games, and her sales were struggling due to cold temperatures.

“It’s exciting for the people who are playing,” Xiao said. “I’m just excited for the final at 8 p.m.”

Although strong winds near the Lakefill prevented students from watching the games, it did not stop a handful from participating in the dunk tank. Bryen said six students volunteered to be dunked, as well as economics Prof. Mark Witte. The participants were slated for 20- to 30-minute shifts, but those were cut short due to the weather.

“Once they get dunked, most of them are getting down and taking a break,” Bryen said.

Rin Nirundonpruk, ISA World Cup president, said the event has grown since the organization attained B-status from Associated Student Government recently.

“Pretty much everyone from all different parts of campus comes together for this,” the McCormick senior said. “We all just have a love for the sport.”