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Letter to the Editor: Wait for the facts before rushing to judgment based on unverified accusations

February 13

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Like everyone in the Northwestern community, I was stunned and appalled to receive Chief of Police Bruce Lewis’s security alert informing us that four students attending a Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat party were possibly given a... Read more »

Goldberg: Injustices at fraternities must provoke thoughtful policy change

Gideon Goldberg, Op-Ed Contributor

February 10

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In response to the recent reported events alleged at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, many have joined together to demand that Interfraternity Council be eliminated on our campus. However, these fraternities are more entrenched than students might im... Read more »

Lewis: Following reports, University administrators must take bold action

Cara Lewis, Op-Ed Contributor

February 9

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It is extremely upsetting for me to write about my experiences with sexual violence and suicide, especially because I know others who share these stories can be deeply upset by reading about them. In the light of recent news,... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: SHAPE demands SAE be held accountable

February 8

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On Tuesday, The Daily reported that the University received four reports of female-identifying students being given a date-rape drug at Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on Jan. 21. Of the four, two reported being sexually assaulted. Th... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Northwestern, check your damn privilege

Corey Winchester

March 30

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During my years at Northwestern as a Black male SESP undergrad, I was confronted on numerous occasions with ongoing and pervasive microaggressions around campus that impacted me in very profound ways.  These interactions with... Read more »

Bienen’s Richard Van Kleeck reflects on time at Northwestern

Annie Bruce, Reporter

May 29

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Richard Van Kleeck can instantly rattle off a number of memorable stories from his past 13 years at Northwestern. There was the time he worked with the robotics lab at the McCormick School of Engineering to create a robot that... Read more »