Meet The Daily’s fall columnists

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Here’s an introduction to the 10 students who will be writing columns for The Daily this quarter:

Joseph Misulonas, Medill junior

My name is Joseph Misulonas. I’m a junior majoring in political science and journalism. With the upcoming election and the changing landscape of the media industry, this is an exciting time for a political news junkie like myself. While I will be writing mostly on politics, I will try to avoid the weekly diatribes spouting my personal political beliefs and instead try to discuss issues from a different perspective. I will make the occasional pop culture reference and outlandish metaphor to emphasize my points. My goal is not necessarily to get the reader to agree with my opinion, but to at least prompt them to think about an issue from a new perspective.

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Julianna Nunez, Medill junior

Hello, my name is Juli. I’m a journalism major and a junior. I was born and raised in Chicago and have worked my way through elementary school and high school to fulfill my dream of being a columnist in a college newspaper. I can most often be found in my room, which has just enough space for me to get through the door and to my desk. I spend most of my time writing or watching shameless reality television on my tablet. When I’m not doing either of those things I can be found drawing, having an existential crisis or thinking about something with a scornful look on my face. My favorite topics to write about are Chicago, the good and the bad, television, pop culture and how pedestrians and bicyclists make me an angry driver.

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Ryan Kearney, Communication sophomore

Hey Northwestern!  My name’s Ryan, and I am so excited to be a new columnist for The Daily this fall.  I’m a transfer sophomore from the University of Southern California and hail originally from the Chicago suburb of Western Springs, so anyone’s school advice/friendship would be much appreciated.  I’m a big fan of all things related to pop culture, entertainment, politics, and news, and it’s great having an outlet like this column to share my musings on these issues and others with the Northwestern community.  I hope I can live up to your standards for what an opinion columnist should be, and I’m looking forward to getting started!

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Meredith Goodman, Weinberg sophomore

Hi, my name is Meredith Goodman, and I am an economics major in Weinberg. Growing up in Austin, Texas, I developed a rabid passion for all things sports (especially college football!) and have a knack for memorizing sports facts and statistics. I want to cover sports issues that occur both on and off field, and I hope to share my enthusiasm with all Daily Northwestern readers in my column. I would also like to give a shout-out to female sports journalists Mary Carillo and Erin Andrews for making it cool for girls to love sports!

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Jan Jaro, Weinberg sophomore

I’m a sophomore transfer to Northwestern studying chemical engineering and economics.  I have a passion for all things technology, management and policy, and I’ll do my best to convey my inner geek to you! When I’m not busy devouring the day’s news or reading The Economist, you will probably find me in class, socializing with friends or studying, like every other Northwestern student. I love sports and I’m always down to play a pickup game of any sport. Transferring here was the best decision of my life, and I’m looking forward to spending the next three years with you!

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Yoni Muller, Weinberg sophomore

My name is Yoni Muller and I’m a sophomore in Weinberg. I’m in the MMSS program and am also majoring in math and economics. I particularly like writing about political and economic current events. When I’m not writing, I like eating terribly unhealthy foods and alienating myself from people I care about. Actually, I don’t like the second one so much, but I do it anyway. I wrote an opinion column for my high school newspaper and did similar work as a contributor to our TV production program. I am extremely excited to continue working here at The Daily.

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Arabella Watters, Medill sophomore

My name is Arabella Watters. I’m a Santa Barbara, California, transplant and a Medill sophomore trying to figure out how exactly life works in this foreign Midwestern land. I’m a reader, a writer, a foodie and have a penchant for controversial political debate, hence the existence of this column. I drink too much coffee, like belugas very much, took Latin in high school and wish I was smart enough to take it here at Northwestern. I use semi-colons in excess. I think they’re a highly underrated punctuation mark. Despite being worlds away from the city (OK, town) I grew up in, I love Northwestern more than anything. I think that covers the basics.

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Sydney Zink, Communication freshman

Hi, I’m Sydney, and I’m a freshman from the Atlanta suburbs. I live in Shepard as an RTVF major considering additional academic programs. I attended the Freshman Urban Program and will also write reviews for The Current this quarter. I have not had any formal background in journalism before arriving at Northwestern. However, growing up with lawyers for parents has inspired in me a familiarity and passion regarding politics, community and debates; these sentiments, along with fascination with journalism and a love of writing in various forms, have led me to kick off college writing for Forum this fall.

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Kathleen McAuliffe, Weinberg freshman

Myself in 100 words: happily undecided Weinberg freshman, suburban Chicago native, definition of a city girl, wannabe world traveler, proudly 100 percent Irish, five-year caddie who despises golf, former volleyball player and cross country runner, obsessed with Dave Matthews Band (and Mumford and Sons and the Black Keys and all classic rock, get the picture?), world-class shower singer, competitive dancer, professional procrastinator, darkly humorous Arrested Development addict, guilty Pinterest user, fanatical Tweeter who is otherwise technologically clueless, lover of leather jackets and boots, prone to dropping awful puns, rabid football fan who can’t throw a spiral and so much more.

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Connor Regan, SESP freshman

Hey there!  My name’s Connor Regan and I am a freshman living in Shepard Residential College.  I’m majoring in learning & organizational change in SESP with a second major in economics. As a freshman, I’m not involved in too many student groups just yet, but I’m interested in getting involved in Best Buddies and possibly ASG at NU.  I’m also extremely excited to be writing for Forum at The Daily Northwestern this quarter!  Go ‘Cats!

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