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Perry: On The Importance of Newsroom Culture

Alex Perry, Columnist July 29, 2021

Newsrooms who intentionally create a healthy workplace culture would benefit from the retention of talented, motivated and happy reporters who produce high quality coverage.  Workplace culture typically...

Perry: Die, blog, die!

Alex Perry, Columnist July 20, 2021

If The Daily were to shut down tomorrow, I truly hope readers’ first thoughts wouldn’t be “Good riddance, I hope Alex steps on a landmine on the way home.” This was a tweet from a reader aimed...

Letter to the Editor: What are unidimensional political opinions worth?

Norman C. Wang July 14, 2021

A recent opinion piece by Alex Perry suggested a paywall to increase staff pay at The Daily. Perry correctly asked the question, “Is what we’re producing worth paying for?” As an alumnus who does...

Letter to the Editor: Keep The Daily totally free

Richard Reif July 13, 2021

In response to columnist Alex Perry’s piece, “Paywall, Please:” As a long-time Daily reader and Medill alumnus, I object to any plan for a Daily paywall, even on a limited basis. This would adversely...

Betts: We need to have a conversation about how unappreciated multimedia journalism is at Medill

Elisabeth Betts, Op-Ed Contributor July 13, 2021

My mother’s insatiable news appetite is quite possibly the sole reason I am at this school. As an only child, I did not have a sibling to keep me company, so she became my constant companion. When I...

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