The Daily Northwestern

Meet The Daily’s spring columnists

Julian Caracotsios and Yoni Muller, Opinion Editors

March 31, 2014

Yoni Muller is one of the Opinion editors this spring. He is a Weinberg junior majoring in economics, math and mathematical methods in the social sciences. After editing in the fall, he took a hiatus and is pumped to return to his...

Meet The Daily’s Winter columnists

Julian Caracotsios and Caryn Lenhoff

January 7, 2014

Caryn Lenhoff is a senior political science and communication studies major and history minor. She has been editing for Opinion since her second quarter at NU and is excited to return to a desk editor position. Originally from Del...

Harsha commemorated

Meredith Goodman, Jan Jaro, and Arabella Watters

September 30, 2012

At the end of a tough week for the Northwestern community, we asked our columnists for words of support and advice.  Arabella Watters, Medill sophomore: There are moments in life that put things into serious perspective....