Meet The Daily’s Winter columnists

Julian Caracotsios and Caryn Lenhoff

Caryn Lenhoff is a senior political science and communication studies major and history minor. She has been editing for Opinion since her second quarter at NU and is excited to return to a desk editor position. Originally from Delaware, her interests include American politics, music festivals and complaining about the cold.

Julian Caracotsios is one of two editors of The Daily’s Opinion page for Winter Quarter 2014. He is a Weinberg and McCormick student in his fourth of five years pursuing a combined BA in Mathematics and MS in Applied Mathematics. Outside The Daily, he works for NU Tutors and is a teaching assistant for the Department of Mathematics. He is from Naperville, Ill., and has been in the Chicago area his entire life.

Meredith Goodman is a Weinberg junior majoring in economics and pursuing a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. She hails from Austin, Texas, and is the self-proclaimed proudest Texan on campus. While not writing for The Daily, Meredith enjoys rooting for the Cats and exploring Chicago.

Naib Mian is a Medill freshman seeking to double major in journalism and international studies. He is from the small town of Los Altos, Calif., in the land of beautiful weather – also known as the San Francisco Bay Area. On campus, he is also a photographer for Spoon and a writer for The Protest magazine. When he isn’t bringing pen to paper, he enjoys architecture, food and typography.

Kathy Hong is a SESP junior majoring in Learning and Organizational Change and flute performance with a minor in Business Institutions. She comes from Troy, Mich., a town in the middle-of-nowhere. She enjoys looking for neon clothes and new ways to procrastinate.

Amanda Suarez is a Weinberg freshman without a specific major. However, she definitely wants to do something involving writing. She’s originally from Perrysburg, Ohio, and she has an incurable obsession with American Horror Story, Demi Lovato and My Chemical Romance. She really loves creating stories, and it’s something she can picture herself doing in the future. She also has a lot of opinions and loves to share them. Stay classy, Northwestern.

Bob Hayes is a Weinberg freshman who plans on double majoring in economics and American Studies. He is an obsessive sports fanatic who loves to write about sports’ transcendent themes in an original and entertaining way. He is also passionate about music, pop culture and current events in general so he will definitely deviate from exclusively writing about sports. Growing up in Glencoe, Ill., just fifteen minutes from campus, Bob truly has been and will be a Wildcat for life.

Jen Yamin is a sophomore pursuing a major in Communication Studies along with a double minor in Legal Studies and Film & Media Studies. As a New Jersey native, Jen loves coffee, or “cawfee” as she pronounces it. While not competing as a student-athlete on the fencing team, Jen enjoys music, food and trying new things.

Yoni Pinto is a Weinberg freshman planning to major in computer science and something else, from Istanbul, Turkey. Along with his interest in political developments going on around the world, he follows the developments of the newest consumer technologies. Yoni is also a huge sports fan, devotedly following his local football – “soccer” – team Galatasaray, as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sam Douglas is a Communications sophomore double majoring in theatre and German and minoring in Latin. He proudly calls Nashville, Tenn., home and wishes he appreciated country music more. On campus, Sam is a member of Sit & Spin Productions and Theatre Stands With Autism. Aside from studying diligently and never procrastinating, Sam’s favorite Winter Quarter activities include snowball fights, wearing layers and sleeping.

Angela Lin is a freshman in Weinberg and has not yet decided her major. A Washington native raised in the majestic capital of Olympia, she enjoys running, evergreen trees, conversations about art and Thai food. She is an avid baker and can often be found attempting to bake in Hinman’s minimalist dorm kitchen.

Yoni Muller is a Weinberg junior majoring in economics, MMSS and mathematics, and is pursuing a Kellogg undergraduate certificate in financial economics. Coming off a quarter as the Opinion editor, he is excited to start his fifth quarter as a columnist for The Daily. Yoni likes unhealthy foods, himself and pretending to know things about which he’s hopelessly clueless. As a Florida native, he will be crying an obscene amount this winter.

Katie McLaughlin is a Weinberg junior studying biological sciences, political science and psychology. Her hometown of Hibbing, Minn., boasts the world’s largest open-pit iron ore mine. Katie hopes to use the Opinion page as a platform to publish everything she wanted, but never had the courage, to write on the bathroom stall in junior high. In addition to serving as an ASG senator, assisting in clinical research downtown and participating in the Catholic Scholars Program, Katie enjoys afternoon ‘Cat naps, taking midnight trains to anywhere, rehashing the “great debate of 1998” – Backstreet Boys vs. ‘N Sync – and laughing at her own jokes.

Sai Folmsbee is a Feinberg MD/PhD student and is currently in the graduate school phase of his training. He writes on topics of science and medicine as well as the merits of analyzing the world through the lens of scientific skepticism. He is also a contributor to the online publication 2-Minute Medicine, where he critiques new clinical research. He plans on a career in academic medicine and science writing.

Matt Gates is a Weinberg freshman and is currently undecided about his major. He is originally from Westfield, N.J. He has been interested in journalism since he started writing for his high school paper and was also an opinion columnist for The Daily during fall quarter. He is interested in discussing both topics that affect college students and the Northwestern community and larger national issues. Matt looks forward to another great quarter at NU and to writing more columns this winter.

Meera Patel is a junior from Coppell, Texas, studying industrial engineering and Integrated Marketing and Communications. She has been writing for the Opinion desk since last spring, and loves snow, writing, singing, New Girl and Ian Somerhalder. She loves The Daily and can’t wait to write for it for another quarter!

Heiwon Shin is a freshman double majoring in journalism and art, and minoring in business. With an average of one move per year, it’s hard to say where her ‘”hometown” is. Currently, her “permanent” home is Seoul, Korea – not the Gangnam area popularized by Psy – but the opposite Gangbuk area, where palaces, protests, police and tourists mix together. Heiwon loves chocolate, perfume, fashion and making sense of things that seem like contradictions.

Leanna Smith is a sophomore in Weinberg studying biology and creative writing. She was a guest columnist for The Daily once during the fall and is excited to be on the Opinion desk this quarter. Leanna loves eating and trying new foods and she also writes for Spoon magazine. She is uniquely talented in being able to whistle while smiling and eat ice cream with both hands at once.

Selena Parnon is a sophomore in Weinberg studying art history, art theory and practice and chemistry.  She has been drawing cartoons for The Daily since last winter and looks forward to continuing her strip, Enyu Daze. Selena comes to us from Corvallis, Ore., which means she loves trees, hiking and conestoga wagons.  She also likes penguins, graphic design, ceramics and Settlers of Catan and can be found at Pi Phi all day every day.

Katy Vines is a Weinberg freshman planning to double-major in psychology and cognitive science. This is her second quarter as a columnist for The Daily. She loves to read, write, nap and watch Netflix. She loves music, from the Beatles to Miley Cyrus. Katy is from Wood Dale, Ill., where she lives with her parents and two sisters. She loves that The Daily provides a platform for her to speak her mind and for her to hear others’ opinions and ideas.

Antonio Petkov is a McCormick freshman who plans to double-major in biomedical engineering and pre-medicine, with a minor in German.  He loves literature, history, philosophy, and introspection, and loves to write for the Daily because it gives him an opportunity to voice his opinion on issues he feels strongly about.  He is from Mount Prospect, Ill., where he lives with his parents.