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Photo gallery: Football: Northwestern vs. Michigan

  • Running back Tyris Jones (3) leads the Wildcats onto the field at the beginning of the game Saturday in Ann Arbor, Mich. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • A small contingent of Northwestern Wildcat fans cheer on their team early in the game. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Linebacker David Nwabuisi (33) and defensive lineman Tyler Scott (97) narrowly miss tackling Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner (12). Gardner ran for a net total of 47 yards. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Quarterback Kain Colter (2) hands the ball off to runningback Venric Mark (5). (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Venric Mark (5) evades Michigan defensemen. He rushed for a total of 104 yards. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Venric Mark (5) scores a touchdown in the first quarter. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Colter (2) fumbles the ball in the second quarter. Michigan recovered the fumble and scored a touchdown in that drive. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Receiver Cameron Dickerson (19) celebrates with teammates after scoring his first career touchdown. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Kicker Jeff Budzien (37) kicks an extra point to tie up the game before halftime. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Superback Dan Vitale (40) runs the ball in for a touchdown early in the second half. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Runningback Mike Trumpy (32) avoids two Michigan defenders as he rushes for 20 yards. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • The Northwestern University Marching Band celebrates during the third quarter. The band travelled with the team for this game. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Kain Colter (2) scrambles around Michigan's defensive line. Colter rushed for a total of 82 yards over the course of the game. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • A few Wildcat fans raise a flag in a sea of Wolverine fans. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Wide receiver Demetrius Fields (8) catches a pass from quarterback Trevor Siemian (13). (Kaitli Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Coach Pat Fitzgerald raises his arms after a good run by the Wildcats. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner (12) celebrates after rushing into the end zone for a touchdown that took the game into overtime. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • The Wolverines stop the Wildcats on a fourth-and-one play in overtime. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Michigan fans cheer and high-five the players after the game. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
  • Coach Pat Fitzgerald leads the team back into the locker rooms after the game. The close game ended as a disappointing loss for the Wildcats, who lost in overtime 38-31. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)

Kaitlin Svabek, Assistant Photo Editor

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Northwestern had today’s game won with 18 seconds left and then it all disappeared.

Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner heaved a pass down the field and wide receiver Roy Roundtree caught the deflection to set the Wolverines up with a field goal to tie the game. The kick was good and Michigan (7-3, 5-1 Big Ten) scored a touchdown in overtime to beat No. 24 NU 38-31.

The Wildcats (7-3, 3-3) scored on their opening possession, becoming the first team to do so on the Wolverines defense all season. NU held a 10-point lead in the third quarter and the 3-point advantage late in the fourth quarter. Even after Michigan took a 28-24 lead, NU scored to retake the lead.

— Josh Walfish

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