Alum Harry Seigle donates $5 million to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law’s immigration clinic


Daily file photo by Colin Boyle

The Pritzker School of Law. Seigle’s $5 million donation to Pritzker will support the Seigle Clinic for Immigrant Youth and Families.

Fiona Roach, Assistant Campus Editor

Harry Seigle (Pritzker ’71) gifted the Pritzker School of Law $5 million to expand the school’s immigration clinic, the University announced Wednesday.

The donation will go to the Seigle Clinic for Immigrant Youth and Families, which represents low-income immigrants — specifically children and parents — in court proceedings and aims to prevent family separation. 

“(Seigle’s) generosity will make a critical difference in the Law School’s efforts to assist immigrants and provide our students with important learning and service opportunities,” said Pritzker Dean and Prof. Hari Osofsky in an NU press release.

The clinic plans to use the money donated to represent more immigrants, increase access to support services and advocate for immigration reform.

Seigle donated the money in memory of his mother, Lora Seigle, who immigrated to the United States from Germany as a Jewish refugee in 1936.

“My mother’s life experiences inspired me to make this gift to improve legal services for immigrants,” Seigle said in the news release. “The idea behind e pluribus unum, ‘out of many, one,’ is central to my family’s heritage. Immigrants have helped make this country what it is today, and we are better for it.”

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