Dolphin Show to present ‘Gypsy’ in 2016

Emily Chin, Reporter

The 74th annual Dolphin Show will present the musical “Gypsy” in January 2016, the Dolphin Show team announced Thursday.

“Gypsy,” by Arthur Laurents, Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim, depicts the life of a famous striptease artist as she grows up and finds herself, said Alex Wolfe, the Dolphin Show’s business producer.

“It’s very much a musical play in that the book and the musical words are so strong and substantial,” she said. “It’s a very acting-heavy, female-driven show.”

The Dolphin Show, which is the largest student-produced musical in America, has performed “Gypsy” several times in the past because of its popularity in the musical industry, Wolfe said. The Communication junior said she saw the musical on Broadway when she was 16.

“I have a very distinct memory of that and I’m so excited to see how this community puts their impact on this masterpiece, and seeing how it’s different than it’s been before,” she said.

The group chose “Gypsy” because it wanted to present something that represents what students are facing on campus, said Brandon Nadig, the artistic producer for the Dolphin Show. The protagonist, Louise, searches for her identity amid her own thoughts and what’s in her past.

“The show is all about growing up,” the Communication junior said. “Louise feels like what I feel like as a college student, especially as I’m going into my senior year.”

“Gypsy” is a “golden musical” that appeals to all ages, said Abby Albrecht, the Dolphin Show’s director of marketing and public relations. The Communication sophomore said she hopes the musical will be able to target an older audience and bring them together with students.

In previous years, the group has put on musicals like “Titanic,” Shrek” and “My Fair Lady.”

“They’re all extremely different musicals, but the one thing that they all share is that the Dolphin Show’s committed to breaking this mainstream mentality,” Wolfe said.

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