Fitness: Learn new dance moves for formal at WERQ

Chelsea Sherlock, Fitness Columnist

It’s not a perfect measure, but based on the amount of sweating that occurs from dancing, it is easy to understand that it is an actual workout. And if you enjoy dancing as much as I do, a dance workout is preferable to other forms of cardio.

WERQ is one of those fun classes that delivers an effective cardio workout entirely through dancing to popular songs ranging from pop and rock to hip hop. Most of the moves are hip hop, incorporating ballet, salsa and other dance styles.

Routines include a lot of squats, lunges and jumping. The class is an hour, and it moves fast with few breaks.

In addition to the physically demanding aspect of the class, learning the choreography makes the class difficult. It takes practice to master moves without feeling ridiculous doing them. The fast pace makes it hard to keep up for the first few times, but it also makes the workout very effective.

Because the pace is so fast, though, it means you are also switching moves often, so for the more difficult ones, they are soon over.

The best part of the class for me was that I can use the dance moves at a formal or party. Most of the moves are legit and look really cool, especially when done with multiple people.

This class is primarily female, which can be discomforting for guys. However, I can say that personally, I give a guy major points for liking dancing.

Overall, a WERQ workout can feel embarrassing when you’re just starting out, but it uses the whole body and is enjoyable when you fully embrace it.


  1. Contract your abdominals; otherwise you aren’t going to develop your core nearly as much.
  2. Go all out. For lunges and squats, make your thighs parallel to the floor. If you don’t have good form for those moves, you’re cheating yourself out of getting the most from your workout.
  3. Have fun! It’s dancing and the moves look cool. You may feel silly, but just go for it.
  4. Remember it’s a workout. Pay attention to the trainer, and have good posture and good form.
  5. If you’re self-conscious, stand where you can’t see yourself in the mirror. Or bring some friends along, and you can act goofy together.

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