Firing Squad: South Campus shuttle deficit

Arabella Watters, Assistant Forum Editor

After being banished into the 1970s furniture nightmare that was North Mid Quads in my freshman year, it’s a miracle that I wasn’t so emotionally compromised that a flee to North Campus was necessary. I admit, I do tend toward hyperbole; NMQ wasn’t really that bad, or at least it wasn’t bad enough that a move to the mythical land of North Campus was necessary. That being said, I know I chose to live on South Campus, but is it so much to ask to have more than two shuttles per hour arriving at the Weber Arch? Last year there were three, and it was beautiful.

Yes, it was vaguely thrilling in the beginning of the quarter to walk to SPAC, Sargent and Tech Library wearing shorts and embracing the “warm” (warm is really relative to the fact that we live in Illinois) weather. Fast-forward two months and it’s no longer that fun of a game. It’s cold, and no longer in that novel way, but in the horrid, I-have-to-wear-my-parka-and-my-gloves-to-walk-two-feet way. A little cold never killed anybody, but planning my trips up north around 30-minute (unreliable) intervals just isn’t really feasible. Why did that third shuttle have to be eliminated? I miss the days of: 16,: 36, :56 arrival. Now all that’s left is a bleak :04 and: 34. I know walking a mile isn’t exactly crossing the Aegean, but I’m a Californian; we really weren’t bred for the cold.

— Arabella Watters