ASG senator, initially elected as a joke, resigns

Sophia Bollag, Reporter

A former Associated Student Government senator whose friends elected him in jest resigned from his position earlier this month.

In October, Brandon Green’s friends in the Communications Residential College began a write-in campaign to elect him as senator for CRC, Jones Residential College and International Studies Residential College because there were no nominees for the ASG election in that area. The Communication sophomore initially decided to accept the position, although he admitted at the time he did not know what the job entailed.

After serving in the senate for several weeks, Green decided the responsibilities were more extensive than he realized and formally resigned Nov. 5.

“There were some personal things, but mostly I just felt that I couldn’t give the responsibilities the attention they deserved and needed,” he said.

Responsibilities of senators include attending caucus every week, holding office hours for at least one hour a week, sending out weekly emails to constituents, holding a forum once a quarter and attending executive board meetings once a month, according to the ASG website.

“It’s a very big commitment, and I think I may have underestimated it a little,” Green said. “I really respect what everybody does in ASG. They have a lot to do, and they’re very active and involved, and I didn’t think I could be that involved for the rest of the quarter and possibly for the rest of the year.”

ASG vice president Brad Stewart said while senators do not resign often, they are expected to devote at least five to eight hours a week to their duties.

“If they’re not able to make that commitment, it’s better to fill their seat with someone who can,” he said.

Stewart said he knew Green did not voluntarily run a campaign to be elected but accepted the appointment anyway.

“I think it was great that he decided to give it a try,” Stewart said.

ASG Senate speaker Ani Ajith estimated the process of finding a new senator, which will be run by the Residential College Board, would take a week or two.

“We’re in touch with RCB, and they’re going to initiate their process, which involves soliciting recommendations from the presidents of the dorms, who will then ask certain people to apply,” the Weinberg junior and former Daily staffer said. “The dorm execs will probably be tapped first for candidates.”

Ajith said the members of RCB can run the selection process at their discretion and might open an application to everyone in the residences in the area.