Spring Football: The Daily chats with David Nwabuisi

Josh Walfish

As spring football kicks off this quarter, The Daily checks in with some of the players to learn about what they do off the field. First up is rising-senior David Nwabuisi, who finished third on the team with 84 tackles last season. The linebacker discussed topics ranging from the biggest misconceptions about athletes to where he enjoys studying.

The Daily: What’s on your iPod at the moment?

David Nwabuisi: I got Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne.

Daily: What is your favorite movie?

Nwabuisi: “Any Given Sunday.” Jamie Foxx is in it. It’s a good movie.

Daily: If they were going to cast you in a movie, who would play you?

Nwabuisi: Jamie Foxx. He’s a funny guy, he gets the ladies, a good actor — he shows good emotions so he would play me very well.

Daily: What is your favorite class you’ve taken at Northwestern?

Nwabuisi: Analysis and Performance of Literature.

Daily: What is your favorite place to study?

Nwabuisi: My bedroom. Laying in my bed and hopefully I don’t fall asleep.

Daily: Do you have a favorite place in Chicago you like to visit on weekends?

Nwabuisi: I don’t really go downtown that often. I like a little sushi restaurant out there.

Daily: What is the biggest misconception about athletes at NU?

Nwabuisi: We don’t take the same classes as the (other) students.

Daily: Is it hard to prove people wrong about that?

Nwabuisi: It doesn’t matter. We all graduate with the same degree. They can think what they want.

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