Q&A with Brit Miller and Prince Kwateng

Matt Forman

The DAILY’s Matt Forman spoke with the pair of senior linebackers.

Daily Sports: What is your favorite song?

Prince Kwateng: “Green Light.” I just like what Andre 3000 says in the song. Brit Miller: My favorite song is “Please Come to Boston” by Kenny Chesney. I listen to that a lot and love it.

Daily Sports: Who is your favorite artist or band?

Prince Kwateng: Talib Kweli. He’s real smooth and I like his flow. Brit Miller: I love Metallica and just rock it. My dad was a big rocker, so I just took his lead.

Daily Sports: What are you like away from the field or what’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Prince Kwateng: I like to hang out with my family and my girlfriend. Just hang out with my loved ones. Brit Miller: I am deaf in one ear. I look at your lips when I talk to you as opposed to your eyes. Sometimes people are freaked out thinking they have something in their teeth. If I’m trying to meet a girl or something, it’s always interesting.

Daily Sports: What’s the best part of your summer?

Prince Kwateng: During the summer, I play video games with Corey (Wootton), Tyrell (Sutton), and Malcolm (Arrington). Our favorite game, we used to play FIFA. Just the weather, going to the beach, working out, and feeling good about life. Brit Miller: I think the best part about summer is golfing. Golfing with teammates or anyone else. I’m not too good at it but I love driving the golf carts around.

Daily Sports: When you were younger, who was your favorite athlete?

Prince Kwateng: Edgerrin James from the Colts, number 32. He was the man. I always played running back until I came to college, so he was my idol. Brit Miller: When I was real young it was Michael Jordan because I played basketball. If Coach Weber needed someone to go in there and grab a few rebounds and foul out in about three minutes, I’m their guy. As I got older, it was more Brian Urlacher because the guy is a stud.

Daily Sports: What is your favorite stadium in the Big Ten?

Prince Kwateng: Ryan Field. I don’t really have one other than Ryan Field. I just know everyone in the stadium is rooting for us and we have our family there. Brit Miller: Memorial Stadium, my stadium. Other than ours, I’m looking forward to going back to Penn State this year; they always give you their worst. It’s a lot of fun.

Daily Sports: Who is the toughest player to tackle in the Big Ten?

Prince Kwateng: Any running back with a head of steam and a huge hole is a tough player to tackle. I would say running backs over wide receivers because they’re usually bigger. Brit Miller: Probably Beanie Wells. He’s a guy that runs behind his pads real hard, real well. He’s a tough guy to tackle. Tough in a different way is Tyrell Sutton though. You cannot see him until he’s beyond the line of scrimmage. He gets behind his blockers and is hidden.

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