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The Spectrum: There is no one Judaism, no one Zionism

Adam E. Chanes, Guest Columnist

April 15, 2016

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This essay is part of The Spectrum, a weekly forum in our Opinion section for marginalized voices to share their perspectives. To submit a piece for The Spectrum or discuss story ideas, please email Unshackle NU and...

Letter to the Editor: Zionism is not solidarity

Daniel Weinberg

March 31, 2016

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This letter was written in response to a previous Letter to the Editor, “My Judaism and Zionism are inextricably linked” I get it; I really do. Your parents talk about Israel as if it is a given, destined to exist. Your Rabbi mentions how important it is to ...

Guest Column: Boycotting Israeli universities is counterproductive

Jeff Rice, African Studies Lecturer

January 12, 2014

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Amid the cold and snow, we have been hit with multiple stories with a common theme: The American Studies Association votes to boycott Israeli academics; Hillel is debating whether to sponsor (intentionally vague) “anti-Israeli speakers"...