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Investigators find Prof. Laura Kipnis did not violate Title IX

Sophia Bollag, Editor in Chief

June 6, 2015

Lawyers hired by Northwestern to investigate two complaints against Communication Prof. Laura Kipnis found last week she did not violate Title IX by writing an op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education, according to documents...

Letter to the Editor: Moral Panic? Let’s not get carried away.

Lauren Leydon-Hardy

March 18, 2015

In his recent letter to the editor, Raff Donelson undertakes to ‘redeem’ Laura Kipnis. His letter strains under the weight of its own charitable timbre: Kipnis, he suggests, may have gotten a little “carried away” with...

Letter to the Editor: Redeeming Laura Kipnis

Raff Donelson

March 5, 2015

In her article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Communication Prof. Laura Kipnis got carried away. Her ignorant comments about the "melodramatic" Peter Ludlow affair as well as slights against former students and curren...