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Full coverage of Northwestern football’s unionization effort

Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter — standing with National College Players Association president Ramogi Huma and United Steelworkers political director Tim Waters — addressed the media Tuesday after answering questions from attorneys for more than six hours at a National Labor Relations Board hearing. Rohan Nadkarni/Daily Senior Staffer

On January 28, former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter announced he and his teammates had signed union cards and wished to be represented as NU employees by the College Athletes Players Association. After six days of hearings, the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of CAPA, granting the players employee status. On April 25, about a month after the initial decision, players voted in a union election, the results of which will be revealed pending a University appeal to the NLRB’s national office.

Read our full coverage of the developing story below.

NLRB ruling:

NLRB declines to rule on Northwestern union, ending CAPA movement
What the NLRB’s union decision means for Northwestern, NCAA

After the hearing:

Congressional committee to discuss Northwestern football unionization
Northwestern football players take unionization vote
FAQ on Northwestern football unionization vote
Alumni advocacy group shares platform for college athlete change
Northwestern alumni to form advocacy group for athletes’ rights
NLRB to hear Northwestern appeal in union case
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Players open up about unionization at spring practice
Race a potential factor in support for Northwestern unionization
Northwestern files union appeal to NLRB
Northwestern unionization leaders turn efforts toward DC
NLRB rules in favor of Northwestern players union

The NLRB hearing, day by day:

Day 1: CAPA, Northwestern present initial issues to start NLRB hearing
Day 2: Colter begins testimony at second NLRB hearing
Day 2: Colter’s testimony pulls back curtain on Northwestern football
Day 3: Sports economist, Northwestern compliance official testify on second day of NLRB hearing
Day 3: Nadkarni: Northwestern’s ‘football family’ in public mess
Day 4: Three Northwestern officials take stand in NLRB hearing; Fitzgerald rumored to testify Friday
Day 4: Putterman: CAPA’s legal argument is weakening
Day 5: Fitzgerald testifies at NLRB hearing, citing experience as coach, former player
Day 6: Northwestern calls three former players on final day of NLRB hearing

How Northwestern got to this point:

In Focus: From locker room to courtroom: How the union movement came to Northwestern

Alumnus, student debate merits of argument:

Letter to the Editor: Student-athletes or athlete-employees?
Letter to the Editor: Unionization efforts won’t hurt Northwestern’s academic goals
Letter to the Editor: History, logic are against unionization efforts

Announcement coverage:

Kain Colter leading effort to get players represented by union
Reaction: Northwestern football players seek labor union representation
Former football players back unionization effort, praise Northwestern’s treatment of team
Nadkarni: Welcome to another day at Northwestern
Q&A: Nick Dorzweiler, former teacher of Kain Colter